About Us

Welcome to Antimony, a fashion destination dedicated to empowering your individuality through clothing. Established in 2020 by Tulika Tripathi, our brand arose from a recognition of the need for a fashion platform that not only stays abreast of the latest trends but also caters to diverse personal styles.

Since our inception, our commitment has been unwavering in delivering top-notch products that seamlessly marry style and affordability. At Antimony, we firmly believe that fashion extends beyond trend-following; it's about discovering pieces that evoke confidence, comfort, and authenticity. This philosophy is reflected in our thoughtfully curated collection of clothing, accompanied by our steadfast dedication to sustainability.

Acknowledging the environmental impact of the fashion industry, we strive to make a positive difference by utilizing eco-friendly materials, minimizing waste, and collaborating with ethical manufacturers. Antimony isn't just a fashion website; it's a community. We cherish connecting with our customers, witnessing how they integrate our products into their unique styles. Share your photos and tag us on social media; your individuality inspires us.

In addition to our curated selection, Antimony offers a blog featuring style tips, trend reports, and more. We appreciate your choice in Antimony and eagerly anticipate being a part of your journey in uncovering your distinctive fashion sense.

Thank you for choosing Antimony – where your style meets individuality.